A Coach

I believe it is fitting, for a first blog to be attributed to someone. Not just anyone but someone who has reached you in ways words can not tell. There is someone and his name is coach. Their names go unmentioned because real coaches share qualities that entitle them to be called “coach.” Who has the right to say this? An athlete does. Who is talking? An athlete is.

My sport is many. I am a runner, sprinter and jumper. I am a skier, hiker and vaulter. I choose sports which I am good at. Don’t we all? Anyone can do these things but not everyone chooses to excel at them. And so an athlete is not someone who does these things mediocre but someone who does “simple things extraordinarily well”–someone who watches more hours of perfect technique than television shows, one who rises with the sun and lies down with the sunset. They can do all the right things concerning sleep, nutrition, health, and workouts but one thing is certain. An athlete needs a coach.

Coaching is a full-time job. Try and add that to a life, a family, a workplace. They do. They do it with a smile. When I think of a coach–my coach, I know he is the first person there and the last to leave. Coaches crunch numbers. They chase you up and down the course telling you to give it your all. In technical sports like skiing they shout out changes in technique. They stand at the corners where you are most likely to fall. If you do, they toss you a pole and tell you to keep skiing. They stand at the end of every race with a big smile and say let’s do again! Sometimes they get so excited to practice they leave their cars on. Upon leaving their car is on empty, and everyone has left. These are a few of the qualities a true coach has. He makes sacrifices. He serves. A coach has the ability to turn a difficult sport into a sport where pain is desired, your all is nothing less than your best, and passing out at the finish is the ultimate reward.

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