The Woes of Technology

“It is a pity to turn in work late and to not be prepared.”

August 27, 2014 became a day in my homeschooling life that will forever remind me how much I despise technology.

Senior year began with three different online schools slapped into my schedule, Landry Academy, The Potters School, and Circe Academy. All required a detailed understanding of the online school. Each school makes a student go through an extensive process, getting to know where homework is, what ones calendar looks like, the different miserable buttons that lead him or her in circles. But the far worst process is receiving a billion emails dumping information on an overwhelmed student.

At one in the afternoon August 27, 2014, technology rejected my identity, actually I had no identity as far as it was concerned.  Technology made my fingers sore with the frantic buttons I pressed as minutes ticked by, and technology boiled the bitter frustration from my eyes.

Yes, I know there are benefits to it, that kids can reach others instantaneously, that students can learn in an online community, that a whole new world opens up, but I also know that if reaching others instantaneously means backstabbing another in a text, or if learning through an online community requires the student to learn more about how to use the school than the material itself or if a whole new world is opened up like a piano that falls from the sky onto an unsuspecting student, then I choose books—books that smell like mildew, books that bring one into lands afar, gently, like a bird from heaven, an education that takes the person outside under a tree and not stuck at a desk to a power outlet in a wall.

One thought on “The Woes of Technology

  1. My sentiments exactly. Lets make sure children can communicate person to person. Learning social skills. And many kids today can’t spell basic words, write, don’t even know what cursive is! Because of instant connect, most children don’t even know their phone number. How many kids today own a
    book? Not a kindle etc, Just saying Miss Denmeade


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