The Untranslated Soundings of Time

At the center of time is not chaos, but an ordered God. There is little else as consistent and structured as time. Alone in a room, with four walls, no windows, a seat and oneself the rhythmic Tic. Tic. Tic of a wall clock sounds so consistently that soon the individual’s head begins to nod barely, gently, entranced. Farther away in a cozy room the Tic-Toc of a grandfather clock in an old, well-furnished library with leather seats, warm, silk rugs, and large windows streaming with sunlight cause the same effect, so soon the sleepy child comforted by consistent rhythm nods to sleep curled up in a large leather chair like the small kitty below. The book slips from his or her hand caring only for the warmth and safety of the chair.

Spinning Time and its Results

Time. What is it? Where does it come from? Why does it matter? Intrinsically, we know time matters. It is the dimension that keeps us going from event to event. It deals treacherously working hand and hand with death and back stabs death by rejoicing in the birth of a newborn. We notice it when we least want to, and yet it passes us by when we forget ourselves in pleasure. At the end though we are a little bit older but a little bit wiser (hopefully).

It matters because it is always true. Always the same. Always accurate. Your watch may not reflect time, but that does not negate its trueness. Time is not touched or altered by human hands. Time is time. Watches merely reflect time and nothing more. Wherever we are time follows and with it God.

Time is always true. God its creator is always True. Always faithful. Always there. Always consistent. Does it not follow then that if God created time He would leave his signature like a proud craftsman would leave his name elegantly in the frame of a clock. Does it not follow then that time reflects God? It is the same understanding that the moon reflects the light of the sun. Its beauty merely reflects a greater beauty.  A beauty on which our eyes are too weak to look. Truly, it is not that our eyes are too weak but that its brilliance is too bright. A beauty too great for our eyes to behold. That is why time matters. It reflects the stunning attributes of God.


Have we ever asked why the ticking of a clock brings such comfort? Have we ever stopped the mayhem of life to listen? I mean truly listen. When we listen to the ticking of a clock we are translating—translating promised words of God. It says something like this. Tic. Toc. Tic Toc. Tic here I am. Toc. Always here. Tic. Trust me. Toc. Watch the sun. Tic. Always here. Always comforting. Toc. Sleep assured. Tic Always. Toc. Always. Tic Always. 

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