Order of the Soul

Structure. What seemed that horrible monster as a child became a beautiful goddess as an adult. The ability to revel in an ordered life reveals character. Surely, a child has embraced living maturely when he or she acts in such a way that shows responsibility for ordering life away from parental figures, but more so when the individual appreciates a structured life merely for the sake of and ordered life.

My day begins at 6:00 a.m., and most often it ends at 10:00 p.m. allowing for eight hours of much needed rest, and physical healing. I fall asleep running over my to do list, forcing myself to stay in bed when I realize I forgot something as minor as forgetting to lay our my outfit for the next day (some may call this obsessive…I don’t disagree), and talking to Jesus about all my hopes for the next day.

Day after day I am out the door by 7:00 and by 7:06 am walking by Mary Randall Pre-School. I pause on the street caught by the elegance of the falling leaves. At 7:07 the Mary Randall School cleaner comes from around the corner of the indoor hall and through the glass pains I can hear the hum of her vacuum cleaner sucking up the dust from little shoes. She too has a structure which is ordered by time, expressed in labor, and inspired by some motif perhaps of survival, perhaps of joy in serving, perhaps because that her labor satisfies.

I walk on each step drawing me nearer to that glorious palace of music where I try my sleepy fingers at ascending and descending the horizontal plane of the piano keys.

The day is only one hour old and still dark. I would not choose to be anywhere else. Without structure I would not see the color change of the trees who escort me to my palace nor the lampposts lighting the way.


Without structure I would not see the woman in the Pre-School. Without structure I would not have the pleasure of writing on the joys of structure (for I take this moment as a gift…a reward of hard study).

But with structure, I see. With structure I observe the patterns of those things that change and also those things that stay the same. With structure I learn of cyclical repetitions in history. With structure comes order, and with order follows beauty. With beauty one sees God. With God one finds the final cause and the means to “not just live but to live well” (Socrates in his discussion with Crito).

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