Mission Opportunity to Honduras!!!!!!!! La Chica Con Los Zapatos Rojos Continúa. . .


Hello friends of this big world! Nearly, sixteen months have passed since my first missions trip to Mexico. Since those five days with these beautiful children in Una Salida (see below), I prayed God would give me another chance to share my story, my passions, my gifts, and the love of Christ abroad. AND HE HAS!

It is happening again! Through my online high school, The Potters School, where I learned to speak Spanish, God has given me another opportunity to love children in Honduras where I will prepare my team to lead Bible and English lessons. As I prepare by digging deep in the lessons, I cannot help but think about how God will use my love for children and Spanish for His eternal purposes.

I cannot do this alone. Would you be willing to partner with me? I am committed to this work God has graciously allowed me to take part in. I am praying for understanding of His will which it seems sometimes is only made clear as we are about to take the first step and even the second. Sometimes trusting God for provision feels like riding in an old Model T ford. I jolt as the engine lurches and stalls. It’s go. stop. go. stop. despite my concerns, I know God will be faithful to provide. As He has called me to a purpose, so He will finish it.

I am asking for your partnership financially and prayerfully. I have sixteen days on this fourth of July to raise nearly $2,000 while at the same time preparing to teach the children’s Bible and English lessons. Would you consider partnering with me financially and or prayerfully? If you would like to support me financially, CHECKS can be sent to:

The Potter’s School

Honduras Trip 2017

8279 Raindrop Way

Springfield, VA 22153

Or if you feel more comfortable sending your support directly to me, I can send either a check or cash to the Potter’s School on your behalf. If you choose to send support directly to the mission, please include my name so they know who the funds are sponsoring and your email address if you would like a receipt. Private message me or comment below with your email address, and I will send you my mailing address.

If you would like to support me in prayer I am currently swamped in lesson planning. I cherish going through these bilingual Spanish-English children’s stories imagining one day I will be writing stories for little Spanish and English boys and girls. Please also pray that the team will develop a unity. Ten years ago I realized the importance of team when I joined the middle school track team as a small fourth grader. Every year, especially this last year as a Collegiate Athlete, I have realized even more and more what team means. I pray for unity, commitment, energy, and the presence of God. I pray for a trusting heart and a walk of faith that leads me to a better understanding of our Lord and Savior. I think of the Psalmist. When he prays that the Lord lead him beside quiet waters, he is not praying for the absence of noise and earthly distractions, fears, doubts, and difficulties. He is praying that when these distractions, fears, doubts, and difficulties arise (and they will…that is life), he will be able to be at peace because Christ is the peace from within. I pray as the Psalmist. Will you please pray too?



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